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How to strategically plan for data-heavy UX design

Great ideas!

Big data is ballooning


keeping it simple, clear, and gracious




In the creative industry, it’s helpful to know what you’re passionate about and what resources can help you in your work.

It’s easy to get caught up in designing an attractive UX that hooks you, but is, frankly, impractical to your client.

Building a website and choosing layouts

From flouting rules and refusing to wear a mask to hosting parties, coughing on others, and just generally being selfish, the pandemic has shown us that the world is filled with more assholes than we thought.

But, despite all of that, when it comes to the future of travel, I think the pandemic is going to make it better.

The most common solution

As we yearn to reconnect with friends, family, and the world at large, I think that what we’ve gone through has also given many of us a chance to reflect on all the things we took for granted: the outdoors, community, neighborhood restaurants, and the arts.

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There is a movement among those in travel to use the pandemic as a chance for positive change. You see that not only among destinations but also big brands, resorts, and travel agent organizations too.

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