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How to pitch your design as a freelancer

Many web designers, after some experience with clients, start to realize what works and what doesn't. Evynne has discovered all of this and moreover the last few years, and was eager to share her stories, tips, and all the advice you could want! Every client is different in how they communicate or when they expect work to be done. It's important to...

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What is UX design?

UX design takes poor user experiences, like getting locked out of your account, and untangles it into a clear path. Unless you happen to work for the guys that push the button, there's really no certainty around how that exact process works. The biggest thing you can do to make your architecture photos stand out is to strive to make visually c...

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9 eCommerce website design trends for 2021

Having a functional, beautiful eCommerce website is more important than ever in the age of coronavirus. Treat product pages like landing pages There's a reason marketers create specific landing pages for specific campaigns, and it's because they focus on a single topic, product or action that converts better than a page with lots of different CTAs....

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5 tips for planning successful user testing

In a perfect world, the first design would be the perfect design. Users would love it, easily interact with it, and there would be no need for changes. Unfortunately, that rarely happens, if ever. That's why user testing is important. Have clear test objectives Some companies are already remote-friendly, or they're smaller companies with flexible p...

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Essentials icon pack: The most-used icons in one place

From flouting rules and refusing to wear a mask to hosting parties, coughing on others, and just generally being selfish, the pandemic has shown us that the world is filled with more assholes than we thought. Building a website and choosing layouts As the world was thrown into crisis this year, remote working became almost universally accepted over...

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4 lessons learned from famous design flaws

The problem with these pesky doors is that the design leads your intuition astray. Either you don't know how to open the door at all or however you assume the door should be opened should really be the opposite. Typography should not be an afterthought Cookiesound Is TravelingAnother EscapeIndie TravellerGuide books warned the tourists who "dared" ...

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A guide to effective use of white space in web design

Often referred to as negative space, white space is the space left between other elements of a page. It covers everything from the line and letter spacing to the space surrounding text and images, to margins and gutters.We never set out to be full-time family travelers. this family travel blog was just a hobby that became a business, a huge resourc...

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You have successfully installed EasyBlog

With EasyBlog, you can be assured of quality blogging with the following features: Drag and Drop Blocks Add elements to your blog with a simple drag and drop element blocks. Blog now, post later You can compose a blog now, suffer temporal writer's block, save and write again, later. Social media sharing Automatically post into your Twitter, Faceboo...

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