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5 tips for planning successful user testing

In a perfect world, the first design would be the perfect design. Users would love it, easily interact with it, and there would be no need for changes. Unfortunately, that rarely happens, if ever. That's why user testing is important.

Have clear test objectives

Some companies are already remote-friendly, or they're smaller companies with flexible policies. And if you work for yourself, then there is also nothing stopping you.


To the surprise of managers around the globe, their companies did not spontaneously implode the moment they sent employees to work from home. In fact, the opposite may have happened: productivity went up while company costs went down.

Be present with the kids, engage in their curiosities, pursue their passions, and interact with them in the moment.

by Kenvin Fox

Test with the right users

If you're staying in a B&B, hostel, or Airbnb, make sure they have good WiFi. Sadly, online listings don't always give you any assurances about this. 

  1. Ensure reliable internet. If you're not 100% sure your WiFi connection will be reliable, buy a portable hotspot that takes a data SIM card. 
  2. Be online on time. Punch in on slack, email, or whatever, exactly when you're expected to.
  3. Respect security policies. Make sure you're aware of any such policies so you won't needlessly get into trouble.
Stay Informed

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