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9 eCommerce website design trends for 2021


Having a functional, beautiful eCommerce website is more important than ever in the age of coronavirus.

Treat product pages like landing pages

There's a reason marketers create specific landing pages for specific campaigns, and it's because they focus on a single topic, product or action that converts better than a page with lots of different CTAs.

  • The product from different angles
  • The product next to something (for size comparison)
  • The product being used or in a lifestyle photo
  • The product on a plain background (no distractions)

You can apply this same line of thinking to eCommerce sites in order to drive site visitors toward the one action they should take on a product page: Add to cart. Each and every store is different, but asking these questions will help point you in the right direction when it comes to the design of the product pages.

Use visuals. Lots and lots of visuals

The cool thing about adding some creativity into your images is that you can do it to any genre or type of photography. The absolute best images are the ones that are calculated and creative. 

Coastal Croatia & Montenegro

Shoppers like to see what they're buying, and the more visual information you can give them, the better. While taking product photos and uploading them might fall on your client's plate instead of yours, encourage them to embrace the camera and upload several shots.

Get creative with a pen and paper first, and start storyboarding what you'd like to shoot.

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