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A guide to effective use of white space in web design

Often referred to as negative space, white space is the space left between other elements of a page. It covers everything from the line and letter spacing to the space surrounding text and images, to margins and gutters.

We never set out to be full-time family travelers. this family travel blog was just a hobby that became a business, a huge resource for travel tips, information, and know-how.

Improve the legibility of text

Think of it as the adhesive that holds a mosaic together or the silence in music. Without it, things are left unstructured and cluttered – a little like white noise. White space holds your design together and helps to shape the overall flow of the page.
  • The Kids Education in Extended Travel
  • Practicalities of Finding Accommodation For Full-Time Travel Families
  • Health and Sickness on the Road

Organize your content

You need to cut all expenses back home, you can't continue to pay a mortgage or big bills while you're on the road full-time or permanently. We rented our house out, others sell if homeownership looks like too great a financial burden.

Intelligent use of white space gives your content room to breathe.

By David N Brace
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