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From flouting rules and refusing to wear a mask to hosting parties, coughing on others, and just generally being selfish, the pandemic has shown us that the world is filled with more assholes than we thought.

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As the world was thrown into crisis this year, remote working became almost universally accepted overnight. It's been fascinating to watch this unfold and seeing people adapt to this different way of working.

Managers' next shock will be when they realize many of their employees have been working from all over the place … without them even knowing it

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To the surprise of managers around the globe, their companies did not spontaneously implode the moment they sent employees to work from home. In fact, the opposite may have happened: productivity went up while company costs went down.

The most common solution

I love working while traveling. I do it all the time! I manage my site from pretty much anywhere, which can be my home, a cafe in my local neighborhood, or from some far-flung location.

I've also been on dedicated remote work trips where the whole point is to work somewhere in an inspiring location, either by myself or with other freelancers or remote workers.

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Saturday, 10 December 2022

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