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How to pitch your design as a freelancer


Many web designers, after some experience with clients, start to realize what works and what doesn't. Evynne has discovered all of this and moreover the last few years, and was eager to share her stories, tips, and all the advice you could want!

Every client is different in how they communicate or when they expect work to be done. It's important to set expectations with each and every client about your process and also, what their expectations for you are.

Solidify your contract

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Around the beginning of this month, I noticed the first signs of life returning to normal in Portugal. I was walking through my local park in Lisbon and heard something that had been absent for two months: the ceaseless sound of traffic whooshing past along the nearby 25th of April bridge.

Find an environment that you work best in

Looking further out into this year, well, who knows?

International travel is still very much up in the air, so to speak. I'm actually quite bullish and believe current views on what is possible will get outdated quite quickly. My bet is we'll be surprised by how different the world already looks a month or two from now. 

Make sure they're comfortable with the communication process, be as thorough as possible, and always be able to give a reason for every design decision you make.

by Kavin T.
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Saturday, 10 December 2022

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