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10 things every designer should know

Some of them are beyond creative, they're nothing short of genius. It doesn't have to be anything far out and artistic, either. You could spend the afternoon learning how to do focus stacking or texture overlays. Or maybe you'd like to learn how to simulate the look of tilt-shift lenses for that distinctive tiny world effect. by David H. Desig...

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9 eCommerce website design trends for 2021

Having a functional, beautiful eCommerce website is more important than ever in the age of coronavirus. Treat product pages like landing pages There's a reason marketers create specific landing pages for specific campaigns, and it's because they focus on a single topic, product or action that converts better than a page with lots of different CTAs....

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A guide to effective use of white space in web design

Often referred to as negative space, white space is the space left between other elements of a page. It covers everything from the line and letter spacing to the space surrounding text and images, to margins and gutters.We never set out to be full-time family travelers. this family travel blog was just a hobby that became a business, a huge resourc...

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