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Website color schemes: Theory, practice, and inspiration

As designers, we love the color. Having an infinite color palette and the ability to choose options that represent a brand makes this an exciting part of the web design process. The brand you're designing for should always be the main focus when creating a color scheme.

How to think about color schemes and your brand

Color choices should always align with the values the brand stands for.

by Olivia
When starting a web design project, you may be working with an established brand. No matter what stage the client is in, try to be mindful of what's already recognized in the market (and therefore shouldn't change) and what opportunities there are for change.

Advice for established brands

If you're in this situation and brand guidelines need to be established, it's important to consider the color scheme before fully launching the website. You can always test and change things later, but it'll help to review mockups of the color scheme first before actually building it out.
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